We offer bespoke consultancy services; our project teams are designed to address the specific needs of the client and the aims of the consultancy. For example, we bring in freelance arts, heritage and leisure consultants and professionals on an associate basis when required, particularly for capital projects, evaluation studies and major strategic planning studies. Artservice Partners undertake all projects in person.

Our approach is aimed at ensuring positive and achievable outcomes. We employ a collaborative process, working closely with the client to ensure ownership of the project outcomes and that the client's needs and concerns are fully addressed. On the basis of the consultancy work undertaken, we aim to ensure that the client is able to proceed within a clear framework, and within defined financial parameters, towards realistic and sustainable goals.

The core values we work to are:

  • Integrity - we always deliver to a high professional standard, on time and within the resources agreed.
  • Responsiveness - we work to address the client's needs and are adaptable and flexible enabling us to respond to any changes in circumstances or new opportunities that might arise during the consultancy process.
  • Quality of analysis and research - all our findings, conclusions and recommendations are supported by detailed analysis and research providing a sound academic basis for our reports.
  • Collaborative - we work with the client to ensure full ownership of our reports and studies; these are practical working documents providing a clear and realistic framework for action.
  • A personalised service - we work with you, the client to address your specific circumstances and development needs.